Paint the Town Pink

WOMENS INTERNATIONAL CYCLING OVO TOUR will pass through Faringdon Town Centre at approximately 1pm on Wednesday 12 June. To celebrate stage 3 of the tour passing directly through the centre of Faringdon, en-route from Henley to Blenheim Palace, Faringdon will be pink!

Spectators are encouraged to get involved in the pink theme to create a carnival atmosphere in the famously quirky town. This is the biggest sporting event to pass through Faringdon and there will be LIVE NATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE.

 The community are encouraged to get involved. We hope to see the streets of Faringdon lined in PINK !  The community can be :

 – Dressed in PINK

 – Waving PINK banners & streamers

 – & windmills & flags & pennants & feathers

 – Decorating your bicycles in PINK

 – Flying PINK kites

 – Making PINK cakes

 – Thinking PINK PINK PINK 

You can even get a tame pink pigeon – available from Faringdon Info Centre!

The Route through Faringdon:  Park Rd, Gravel Walk, Gloucester St, Cornmarket, Market Place, Church St, Radcot Rd….

TELL US how you’re going to PINK up the town:  Google FARINGDON WOMENS TOUR – or email – or phone  07810-253111