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Faringdon Information Centre is very pleased to welcome well-known Faringdon Artist Peter Wheeler as October’s Artist of the Month.

Peter trained at Walsall School of Art and after twenty years of working with top name advertising, he felt the need to get back to his artistic roots, moved to Faringdon and for the next twenty-five years ran his own very successful graphic design studio.

Following retirement in 1999, Peter marshalled his considerable talents and threw himself into recording his travelling experiences in paint on paper. Landscape, architecture, history and cultural treasures are his interests – ranging from the fantastic images of South Africa, through Europe, Asia and the Americas to the cosy rural street scenes and lovely landscapes of his home town of Faringdon. Various solo and group exhibitions have been successfully mounted over the years, and fourteen years after his 2005 debut exhibition with Faringdon Art Society, to his great delight, Peter not only won their award for the Best Acrylic painting, but was made the Overall Cup Winner.

Following many requests for greetings Cards he recently produced a small range of Winter themed cards; these have been widely appreciated and it was decided to broaden the range considerably to enable more people to appreciate his unique flair and artistry.

Come along to the Information Centre at The Pump House in Faringdon Monday to Friday 9am to 12:30 pm and 9.30am to 1pm on Saturdays during October 2020 to see a selection of Peter’s work together with the opportunity to purchase from the new range of cards.

If you are interested in becoming an artist of the month please contact Adele Vincent –