Recycling Action Group

Ideas discussed by the public at the Climate Emergency meeting on 7th October 2019:

How is recycling evaluated. How good is Faringdon and how can we make it better?

Can the Vale convey best practice?

Can we educate people to read the information and act on recycling ?( Share videos on media to show what to do)

Symbols are often not very visible, but Biffa advises that when in doubt put it in the recycling.

How can we get people to reduce, reuse, recycle. Can we have a repair shop?

Deposit on beverage containers.

Could we distribute hessian bags to new residents with recycling information- with support from the Vale.

Same Design for items so that these can be easily dismantled,recycled and reused. Avoid mixed coloured plastic bottles,as colour makes things unrecyclables.

National Standard colours on bins.

Create an app for people with things to reuse such as wood and metal.

Generating pride in your surroundings, by effectively reusing materials.Supply chain cycle “womb” to “tomb”.

Introducing a domestic audit of people goods, spreading information on what could be recycled.

Encourage flat dwellers to put items in correct bins.

Encourage use of own containers when shopping.

Encourage education in school on recycling, introducing projects and art competitions.

Refer more to the waste pyramid.

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