Community Green Energy Action Group

Ideas discussed by the public at the Climate Emergency meeting on 7th October 2019:

Street lighting timed off periods, reduce scope and use.

Investigate feasibility of solar panels and powered streetlights.

Encourage responsible use of garden + house and shops lights.

Facilitate+ encourage use of sustainable energy suppliers (community interest+co-op).

Planning not to baulk at putting solar panels on listed building.

Investigate wind turbine on A420 side of Folly Hill.

Heat Pumps. New Housing.

Community Engagement. Involve people in small initiatives and tasks. Promote Community Responsibility

Planned, aligned replacement +maintenance

Grey/rainwater use (can it be enforced?)

Include green energy as part of wider sustainable agenda.

Publicise car-charging grants (central govt).

Challenging engine-idling in car parks

Investigate solar farm and consider council involvement

Town or local farm biomass centre

Work across county boundaries

Encourage pods and sustainable housing in neighbourhood plan.

Liaise with Stagecoach regarding timetable and bus types.