Highlights from the meeting

Nature Action Group

Ideas discussed by the public at the Climate Emergency meeting on 7th October 2019:

Promote Hedgehog highways

Collaborate more with wildlife organisations to seek best practice

Identify wildlife areas and create more ponds, variety of habitats

Promote wildlife planting for small gardens and new housing, promote and preserve gardening habitat/wildlife (for example not cutting back ivy in autumn, to feed butterfly)

Promote Farcycles tree planting-dedication ( Plant a tree as a gift)

Promote tree charter campaign

Involve local schools in a wildlife /local wild planting initiative

Building bug Hotels (the yellow ants of Willes Close)

Set up a local wildlife charity

Set up a Faringdon Nature Society (we are part of the Great Western Forest)

New Builds keep old hedges rows + ancient trees

Tree planting program, in local car parks. Living walls instead of paints

Introducing nature walks / trails around Faringdon

A map of Faringdon free food

Town Park – trying again to rewild it – with wild flowers, or a hedge maze, or trees

Folly Country park – plant a community orchard there / tree nursery

A shared gardens scheme, for those who have a large garden and would be happy to share (https://www.growveg.co.uk/guides/no-space-to-grow-food-why-not-try-sharing-a-garden/)

Getting in wildlife speakers / education / interest events for all ages, to inspire about nature

‘What we need in 2020 are lots of trees and we need plenty!

“Earth Hour “one evening a month for dark skies and saving energy

LED Christmas Lights

Local crafts -projects to make reusable bags to be sold in charity shops

Recycling bins outside the junior & infant schools

A green tax

Encourage car sharing with existing schemes

More information on existing initiatives! Better ways of getting information disseminated

Make sustainability an intrinsic part of the Neighbourhood Plan

A quantitative analysis of current standards leading towards real accessible goals

Promote Men’s sheds association -complimentary to a mending café

Promote less/better meat consumption