Mayor: Cllr. Kiera Bentley


Deputy Mayor: Cllr. Liz Swallow


The position of Town Mayor is non-political. The Town Mayor will act as the Town Council’s representative at official events. He or she will act with the authority of, and be responsible to, the Town Council. The Town Mayor will preside at any meeting of the Town Council at which he/she is present. The Town Mayor collects his or her authority from the meeting. His/ Her powers are to keep order during the meeting; to adjourn the meeting; to order the removal of a disorderly person from the meeting; and to give rulings on points of order.

The duties of the Town Mayor (although not prescribed by law) are :

  • To ensure that a meeting is properly constituted and a quorum is present.
  • To observe all statutory rules and standing orders governing the meeting.
  • To take items on the agenda in order, varying them only with the consent of the meeting.
  • To give the opportunity for speakers to express their views.
  • To discourage irrelevant discussion.
  • To conduct the meeting properly by putting ‘motions’ and ‘amendments
  • To preserve order.
  • To make sure decisions reached are strictly relevant and are clear and precise;
  • To ensure that matters under discussion appear on the agenda.

The position of Town Mayor confers no additional advantages or authority other than the honour of representing the town of Faringdon, however when in Council the Mayor has the right to provide a “casting vote” in order to achieve a majority decision. In the absence of the Town Mayor, the Deputy Town Mayor will carry out all duties normally performed by the Town Mayor.

If you would like to invite the Mayor or Deputy Mayor to attend an event, please contact Liz Billson: 01367 240281