Elms Tennis Court

Covid-19 Guidelines to use Elms Tennis court from June 2020

So that we can all enjoy feeling safe when playing please adhere to the following guidelines:

We can now play doubles from people with different households.

  • If bookings are back to back please leave the court before the other group arrive.
  • Do not touch the winder for the net or the net itself – we will leave it at the correct height for now.
  • So that we do not have to touch a padlock the court will remain unlocked but please do shut the gate.
  • To protect children and families arriving and departing for school avoid the car park and school field at the start and end of the school day. The times to avoid are 8.30-9.15 am and 2.45-3.15 pm.  It is okay to play at these times as long as you are within the court.
  • Please do not use or sit in any part of the school field during the school day as it is in constant use now. 
  • If children or staff are using the school field as you are entering or leaving please keep your distance.
  • Please note that only key holders can play on this court for insurance purposes.  Please contact Carolyn 07443 477062 if you wish to purchase a key.

COVID-19-Guidelines to use Elm Tennis Court March 2020

Due to the latest Government and Lawn Tennis Association guidelines the Elms Tennis Court will only be used at any one time by family members or those who live in the same household.

Please also note below the guidelines given which give advice whilst playing on the court to help protect others who use the court:

1.  Please bring anti bacterial wipes/gel and use it to wipe the gate handle and padlock when you leave.

2.  Do not touch the winder for the net or the net itself – we will leave it at the correct height for now.

3.  Racquet taps may be a good idea instead of high 5s.

4.  Social distance of 2m is easy enough to but particularly think about this when when changing ends.

Faringdon Town Council  and Elms Tennis Association


This public tennis court in Faringdon is managed by a group of volunteers on behalf of The Faringdon Town Council.

It is for the benefit of people in and around Faringdon who wish to play tennis on a casual basis.  As Faringdon gets more populated with houses it is good to see that we can still keep our ‘open spaces’ for the general health and well-being of the residents.

We are very much looking forward to ensuring that we can look after the court and attract lots of new players young and old.

Please contact Carolyn Murphy or Alison Scott with any queries. If you wish to join us on the steering group to help the future direction of the court you would be most welcome.

This is a public tennis and if you would like to buy a key please email: cmurphy@brookes.ac.uk or alison.scott@sodexo.com

  • Key holders must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A key holder must supervise at all times when the court is in use.
  • It is the responsibility of the key holder to ensure that the court is locked after use and used in an appropriate manner.
  • Please help by sweeping the stones from the court regularly (BUT ONLY WHEN IT IS VERY DRY). Please also sweep the leaves and put them in the bin in the autumn/winter.
  • Faringdon Town Council is responsible for maintenance of the court; any observed damage, whether caused by the key holder or not, must be reported to the Town Council (tel 01367 240281) as soon as possible.
  • The tennis court can only be used in daylight hours.
  • Keys will be issued on 1st May each year and a new key will need to be purchased annually.
  • Key for previous year to be returned on 1st May.
  • Annual fees are £40; cheques should be made payable to ‘Faringdon Elms Tennis Association’ BACS:  Sort code is 30 93 18 Acc no is 00625896.
  • Unauthorised copying of keys is prohibited.
  • The court can be booked via the online booking service. http://www.supersaas.co.uk/schedule/Woodview/booking
  • Booking is for a maximum of 1 hour or longer if not booked by anyone else or no one is waiting to play.
  • Please note the tennis court is not an all-weather surface and may be slippery and dangerous when damp; players are requested not to use the court unless the surface is dry.

If you are willing to assist with running the tennis court please contact cmurphy@brookes.ac.uk or alison.scott@sodexo.com

GREAT NEWS – thanks to TESCO, WAITROSE and AVIVA we have a shiny new surface. Thanks to everyone for helping with the fundraising!

The court can be booked via the online booking service by clicking HERE