Plastic Free Action Group

Ideas discussed by the public at the Climate Emergency meeting on 7th October 2019:

Data performance indicators

  • Publish and trend waste data from Biffa and other waste companies serving Faringdon
  • Plastic audit – can we attract a plastic recycling plant to Faringdon through the town plan based on the data?
  • Should we get expert advice from the Vale?

What can we eliminate?

  • First priority is to eliminate the use of plastic to reduce CO2 from the lifecycle of plastics – oil extraction, manufacturing, transportation, etc
  • Plastic bag ban
    • Why sell reusable plastic bags when we could use paper or string bags?
    • Suggestion for local craft club/community group to make and sell string bags
  • Cling film ban
  • Pasta straws to replace plastic and paper 
  • Encourage sale of packaging free alternatives  
    • Shampoo Bars, Shaving Bars
    • Can we demonstrate demand for such product to encourage shops to stock these products locally
  • Plastic water bottle elimination
    • FCC are installing water fountains
      • There were concerns that they were removed from schools due to legionella but that may be old news with new designs of water fountains.
      • Is it only FCC? Why not the other academy schools?
      • Ban plastic bottles in the Faringdon academy?

How can we reduce?

  • Reduce single-use plastics
    • Costa cups
    • Stay grounded do a reusable cup
    • Faringdon council could provide a returnable cups from its offices or sell them to raise funds to support environmental projects
  • Encourage traders to use bio-degradable cellulose packaging
    • Influence by refusing trading licenses to those that use plastics and cannot show reduction at renewal?
  • Reduce need for plastic water bottles
    • Faringdon have plans to install a water fountain at the pump house
    • Investigate the “refill” App 
      • Map of water points in shops etc
      • Add council building to the app take the lead, encourage other outlets
      • Resurrect the Faringdon refill project
  • Scoop/Bulk Buy shops/Refill shops
    • Faringdon unwrapped
    • Popular but some did not know where it was when it was open – education.
    • Stay grounded has small but unadvertised outlet – focus is a café.
    • Lechlade have a dedicated shop,so has Wantage and Cirencester
    • Question raised over the sustainability of the small business model for low value bulk sales.
    • Suggestion for town council to write to large stores in the area on the subject of excess plastic packaging used in stores.
      • Waitrose and Sainsburys have trial stores addressing this
      • Botley waitrose is a refil trial store
  • Remove micro plastics from washing machines
    • Investigate a local outlet for ‘CORA’ balls
  • Commission art using waste plastics to raise awareness
    • Faringdon collage with bottle tops by a local artist?
  • Public workshop on how to run a low plastics household – Plastic audits to learn best practise
  • Educate: Residents need to follow appropriate instructions for recycling nappies in black bin and not recycling bin.
  • Encourage people to leave packaging instore and avoid to take it home.

How can we influence young people

  • Support local teen group organising themselves into an environmental group to attract speakers and expert advice
  • Faringdon town council could connect with shops, companies, organisations and regulators
  • Investigate the surfers against sewerage “Plastic free communities” initiative