OCC Library Network Closure- Faringdon

Following a leadership team review of our library network this morning given the latest government announcements yesterday evening, the decision has been made to close the network of libraries within the County to the general public. This will come into effect from 1300 hrs onwards today. The decision has been taken in line with the latest guidelines from the Prime Minister which is aimed at slowing down the spread of the coronavirus and social distancing.

The library network will play a key part in our planned response for community resilience and possible hubs and it may be that in the coming weeks, they can be reopened and play an important part in the community support and recovery phase. We will of course keep you updated in due course.

The libraries may be open to our OCC colleagues as a base of work if needed and the appropriate measures will be strictly implemented to ensure their safety.  

Within the County Council we have liaised with our corporate communications team and the appropriate comms will be cascaded as soon as possible this afternoon to the public.

As ever, the situation is fast moving and I appreciate how much email traffic you must all be receiving, I hope this update is helpful.

Judith Heathcoat

Deputy Leader to the Council,

Cabinet Member for Community Safety

Oxfordshire County Council

Cllr. Faringdon Division (Buckland with Gainfield, Littleworth, Faringdon, Eaton Hastings, Buscot, Coleshill, Gt Coxwell, Lt Coxwell)